IV Solution and Ketamine Centers of Chicago

Located in Chicago’s most desirable River North and Gold Coast neighborhood, we are a state of the art medical facility where you will undergo your customized treatment in a very private, luxurious setting that is unlike any other.

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Ketamine is an anesthetic medication that was first synthesized in 1962 and was FDA approved for use in 1970. It is considered a dissociative anesthetic that is very analgesic and has a relatively safe side effect profile. Ketamine for the relief of depression, however, is administered in much lower doses than used by anesthesiologists, hence it is safely utilized in an outpatient setting. Since 2000, many clinical studies have proven that ketamine can be 60-80% effective against treatment resistance depression (TRD), and is also effective against chronic pain (CRPS or RSD), fibromyalgia, OCD, PTSD and more. You will be carefully screened by our clinical and anesthesia teams prior to treatment to confirm that you do not have any conflicting medical problems or are on medications that should be avoided or adjusted.

Our team is led by Medical Director, Dr. Nandra. Trained at the prestigious University of Chicago Hospitals Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, and with almost 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Nandra brings his expertise and knowledge of ketamine infusion therapy and outpatient care to Chicago Ketamine Centers. His meticulously assembled team includes registered nurses with ketamine infusion experience, licensed therapists, and technicians who will attend to you during your treatments. We will also collaborate with your primary care physician, specialist, or mental health professional to optimize your treatment and to ensure continuity of care. We strongly believe in the team approach to patient care, and our goal is to provide the best patient outcomes and improve your quality of life.