Ketamine Centers of Chicago is committed to providing you with a satisfying and efficient patient experience. For depression, we have our Clarify protocol that will be customized to your needs and goals. We also have a licensed clinical therapist on staff for your support and will work closely with your primary physician or mental health provider. For chronic pain, our Resolve protocols will be tailored to your specific needs depending on the nature and severity of your symptoms. If you need, we have consulting pain management physicians to assist in your care and follow up.

What Patients Say About Us

I am so grateful to have been referred to IV Solution by a friend where I received six IV ketamine infusions for bi-polar depression. After the first treatment, I could feel a shift in mood. During the next five treatments, change was subtle, but during the day I would realize I wasn’t having anxiety in certain situations and suicidal ideation had vanished. In fact, I couldn’t even will myself to have those thoughts. Now my mood is more stable and I feel lighter physically. My daughter even noticed a change telling me I’m suddenly more positive. The underlying hum of depression that has affected every aspect of my life for as long as I can remember is gone! I can honestly say IV ketamine therapy is a miracle.

Connie O. - IV Solution Patient

I felt dramatically better the day after my first treatment for depression. It's been almost six weeks since I received the treatments, and I still feel great! The staff was very professional and seemed genuinely concerned about my well-being.

Rebecca B. - IV Solution Patient

What to Expect

After your initial inquiry to us and enrolling in the treatment protocol, we will ask you to complete a few questionnaires for health and medication screening. You will also complete a standard depression score assessment. If there are certain medications that can affect the ketamine infusion’s response, we will ask your prescribing physician to review your history and advise on managing those. You will be asked to arrive to the center with a prearranged ride home because of the potentially lingering effect for a few hours after the infusion. You should not have any solid food for at least 4 hours before the infusion and no liquids for 2 hours. You can bring headphones and music and we recommend calming music.

Upon arrival, you will check in and then be taken back to the private infusion room. There, a nurse or the anesthesiologist will start your IV and start the infusion. You may get a medication for nausea in the IV. You will be comfortably reclining or laying down for the 45 minutes’ duration of the infusion and we will have a blood pressure cuff and other standard monitors on you that we will watch closely. For chronic pain treatment, the infusion will last up to 4 hours.

After the infusion starts, you will almost immediately feel a little drowsy and will start feeling “free” or “floating”. You will most likely not sleep and we will adjust dosing if you feel agitation or any other untoward feelings although this is rare. Once the infusion is over, the effects may last for a few more minutes. We will have you recover for around 30-45 minutes and you will then be free to take your ride home.

Your length of response to the infusion will vary from patient to patient but will increase with subsequent treatments. After the first series of six infusions for depression, you may have relief of symptoms for 1-2 months and for as much as 6 months. We will then schedule single booster infusions as needed to control your symptoms.

Health Screening Form

For your convenience we have provide below the Health Screening form.  Please download, fill out and either email or fax to:

Fax:  1-844-633-2390

All information provided is confidential. This facsimile number and transmission is encrypted, HIPAA compliant, and safe. We do not share information with 3rd parties.